With over 25 years’ experience as a Management Accountant, Anne has spent the last 10 years at ASHA looking after Finance, HR, Equipment and anything contractual. Her desire to help with anything – from proof reading to vehicle maintenance makes her a valued member of the team.

“I’m told I’m good with figures, friends and family, but fitness was something I only toyed with in my past life. My weekly aerobic sessions were enough for me and made me feel better about indulging in a bit of chocolate or wine. It wasn’t until I took part in an eight-week summer boot camp that I discovered I like a challenge, and my competitive streak emerged. Now, nearly four years on, I’m still giving up my Saturday mornings, whatever the weather, to get outside with my circuit and running group. The things that keep me coming back are a huge sense of achievement, relief from stress and a feeling of invigoration, and of course the fact that I can reach for those extra pieces of chocolate with a clear conscience.”