Drum roll please…

We’re delighted to see that ASHA founding partner Marksteen Adamson has been nominated for ‘Change maker of the Year’ at their annual Social Purpose Awards. The awards celebrate organisations who are champions of change and driving a more diverse, purposeful and socially responsible representation of marketing today.

Projects that Marksteen has initiated include PEEL, which helps young people to explore their identity through creating poetry and photographs. This programme is now being adopted and run by several organisations, including Salvation Army and YMCA, across the UK as part of a drive towards better mental health and wellbeing.

“PEEL made me realise there are other things out there I could be doing that I’m actually quite good at, that I didn’t realise before. I think I’ve found my voice somewhere now and the confidence to do different things.”

Henry Wells

“I didn’t even think I could write poetry. Then all of a sudden, I’m there writing it and realised I can actually do this.”

Chloe Moulder

“What we managed to achieve on the weekend, I’ve never done in all my life. It gave me the opportunity to explore new things, get out my comfort zone and actually do some good”

Annie Bullivant

In both his personal and professional life, Marksteen continues to be a constant agitator for positive social change. His study of a local drug addict in Cheltenham (Behold the Man) and the subsequent book and exhibition helped raise awareness around homelessness and addiction.


His photographic project on refugees in the Lebanon (The Stations) became part of the lobbying campaign helping to pass the Dubs Amendment through parliament, allowing the entry of an unspecified number of unaccompanied minors to the UK.


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visit zone.projectpeel.org