Chelt Folk PV Landscape 3

The exhibition of Cheltenham Folk held a successful private view at Chapel Arts on 7th March, welcoming many familiar faces from the town and beyond. Reactions of excitement filled the gallery as many of the subjects were viewing their portrait for the first time. During the evening, the BBC conducted a few, short interviews with the newly-famous Cheltonians, allowing them to share their stories and reflect on what being part of this diverse exhibition of people has meant for them.


The private view gave ASHA the opportunity to introduce the PEEL project to a local audience. PEEL is a programme with measurable mental health benefits that is being piloted in schools, prisons and youth groups, and helps people navigate a noisy, chaotic and anxious online world. The entire first floor of the gallery was dedicated to the 30 PEEL lenticulars, which were first exhibited in Covent Garden in September 2017.