The Diocese of Gloucester is partnering with ASHA to promote the PEEL project and has recently launched its ‘Liedentity’ campaign headed up by The Bishop of Gloucester, Rt Revd Rachel Treweek, which focuses on the damaging effect that social media has on young people’s body image.

Professionals from various churches, organisations, charities, trusts and local schools, arrived to discuss the campaign and the actions for moving forward. Key speakers included Dr Philippa Diedrichs from University of West of England’s Centre for Appearance Research and Mo Baldwin from Children’s Society offering insightful, yet alarming statistics of how children as young as seven are experiencing anxiety about their body image.

Marksteen’s presentation invited a positive crowd of professionals to engage with the PEEL project and its future goals to become an integral part of the curriculum in primary and secondary schools and beyond.

To find out more about PEEL, please follow the link below: