Countries depend on their image and reputation to attract investment, talent, tourism and build stature in the international community.

Without a strategy and system for taking control of the image it projects a nation can very easily fall prey to the constant shifting of public perception – driven by other nations, NGO’s, international organisations and the media.

Our experience in country branding began with the ‘Welcome to Estonia’ brand, initially developed by Marksteen Adamson. In the last 10 years we have built on that expertise – consulting in Kazakhstan and Latvia as well as other European countries. Whilst other agencies tend to deliver campaigns, we focus on discovering the fundamental unchanging truths about a country. These truths drive our thinking for the creation of a compelling expression to position and communicate an identity, which in turn closes the gap between a true, national identity and a perceived national image.

  • Kazakhstan

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  • Estonia

    In 2002 Marksteen Adamson (when global Creative Director of Interbrand), led the original branding work for Estonia resulting in the successful ‘Welcome to Estonia’ Campaign that helped Estonia’s pitch to become part of Europe.
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