Nimbus is a photography-training programme that teaches employees how to capture and express their organisation’s brand through photography.

After identifying how best to translate an organisation’s brand values through imagery, Nimbus then teaches employees the core principles of taking professional photographs. By guiding employees through practical application of the theory, the programme delivers a cost effective, unique, on-brand royalty free photographic library, as well as a group of internal brand ambassadors.

  • Lloyd’s of London

    Having undergone a review of its brand, Lloyd’s of London were fearful that the market would view their re-brand with a mixture of cynicism and disinterest.
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  • KPMG

    Having recently introduced one brand across all sectors, KPMG needed to translate their brand into a visual expression.
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  • EDF

    As part of the plan for getting employees on board with the change from British Energy to EDF Energy, EDF commissioned us to conduct our Nimbus programme.
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