Cresent is an expert in the field of Health and Safety within the Oil and Gas industry. When Cresent approached us they had two distinct product offerings – Training and a ground-breaking Control of Work system called Worksafe. Cresent commissioned us to create a brand positioning and identity to draw together the two sides of their business, whilst retaining the ability to deliver to the different needs and purchasing criteria of its customers.

Our generative idea, ‘Making Work Safe’ directed our thinking on the product and brand architecture system, resulting in the creation of a quality kite mark for ‘Worksafe’ and the re-organisation of the Cresent offerings to come under the Worksafe product and service portfolio. By creating the Worksafe package we were able to provide Cresent with the means of articulating a philosophy and developing a consistent brand behaviour across the different product areas.

The ‘Worksafe’ portfolio provides a way of linking the Cresent services and products to a unique and differentiated package. The kite mark we created provides clients with the means of branding their seriousness and commitment to the health and safety of their workforce, which, in turn builds the credibility of the Cresent brand.

The (worksafe) product continues to grow in popularity. It has now been translated into ten different languages and a version has even been developed for users with a limited aptitude for literacy, using diagrams and pictorials.

Take from article in Shipping and Marine, 27.2.13 ‘Focus on Safety’