Rather than just preach to the converted, this church in Cornwall was determined to appeal to a new sector of the community. The Reverend Adrian Hallett, Vicar of St Kea, Cornwall, approached ASHA with his wish for a new logo: ‘I want to take back what is ours; to be a church with a purpose and relevance in our community – I want to be heard again’.

ASHA convinced the vicar that it would take a lot more than a new logo to make the church truly relevant – and so emerged a more comprehensive positioning idea to close the gap between the Church and the secular world – ‘The Business of Life’. By confronting a number of nagging stereotypes, which, whether the Church likes it or not, define it in the secular world, the generative idea of using wit to re-appropriate profanity as a ‘registered trademark of God’s Kingdom since BC’ was born.

The launch of the St Kea branded merchandise created enormous interest (even being featured on national TV), leading to unprecedented enquiries about the church from the public.


Kea Church


Nomination for Yellow Pencil Award

Design Week
Nomination for Best Packaging