GivingWorks, a UK registered charity, was set up to encourage philanthropy. When they approached us they were looking for a name and branding idea to launch their new initiative: a charity that introduces young City professionals to philanthropy by supporting them in setting up their own tailor-made charitable projects and matching them with wealthy donors who provide additional capital.

Building the brand strategy around the core idea of the initiative, we defined the generative idea as ‘Make it yourself’. Taking this thinking further we created the name ‘Bread Tin’ which worked on two levels – one communicating the idea of making something oneself to one’s own recipe, and the other symbolising taking care of people’s daily needs.

‘The Bread Tin has, in five years, enabled over £133,000 to be given to charity; half of this is from new philanthropists who had never given seriously to charity before, but our research suggests will now continue to do so.’

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……The Bread Tin brings together experienced philanthropists to engage with a generation of ambitious, passionate, and socially conscious young professionals who have arrived in the City for their first taste of their future careers and want to do something with it. Established in 2010 The Bread Tin has worked to put together a group of 8-10 graduates from all areas of industry in London and set them the task of discussing, finding and giving to a charity that excites them as a group.  Each group has an experienced mentor to guide them through this process..

Membership of each group varies from lawyers, finance experts, bankers, PR, IT and HR, to a cross party group of young parliamentarians and staff of MPs…..




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