Change, grow, live (CGL) is the new name for the organisation formally known as CRI – Crime Reduction Initiative which provides services including support for vulnerable people facing homelessness, domestic abuse or addiction and began life as a prisoner rehabilitation charity in 1995.

We were engaged to rebrand and rename the organisation as it sought to express itself more effectively to a variety of audiences – its service users; many of whom resented the reference to crime in the name, its commissioners – a wide range of bodies including local councils and its partners – organisations already working with service users in many communities. The key outcome was to create a brand which would give confidence to all these different stakeholders, while enabling the many different subbrands to exist within a strong visual architecture.

Inspired by the incredible work that CGL does, ASHA created a brand which takes its cue from the innovative, positive and pragmatic approach that the organisation takes in helping people who have faced a variety of hardships to live better, more fulfilling lives.

The new name: change, grow, live constantly reaffirms the positive journey that service users must undertake to achieve recovery. A journey that doesn’t necessarily have a neat beginning or end but is often ongoing. It’s a deliberately proactive statement which provides the platform to support the rest of the brand’s architecture.

Visually, the new brand uses a bright, bold colour palette with relaxed, informal photography of staff while key service areas, for example drugs, alcohol and homelessness have been sensitively depicted by award winning illustrator Rami Niemi. The overall approach is welcoming and confident, giving CGL a vibrant, engaging brand as they continue their own positive journey.