Hooray is a Cheltenham-based recruitment company priding itself on its ethical values and its positive attitude to job seeking. They needed a distinctive name and personality to stand out in a competitive field populated by companies whose approach was generic and corporate. Using the generative idea of ‘The good recruitment company’ (which plays into their ethical ethos), the naming and identity focus on the positive aspects of getting a job.

With a positive, energetic approach and a commitment to ethical working, the identity needed to express this through a variety of touchpoints. This is achieved using varied typography, insightful copy and bold colour combinations. Each phrase is supported by a related piece of industry insight to help both employers and job seekers. For example, ‘Drum roll please’ is applied to the business card with the supporting tip describing the importance of making a good first impression. The headlines are appropriate to their application, e.g. the pen reads ‘Quick on the Draw’, and a cup of tea rests on a ‘Lift Off’ coaster. ‘Follow your heart’ was applied to a seasonal, Valentine email footer.

Business sector – Recruitment



Stamped with a gold foiled ‘Ethical Recruitment’ mark, the pack communicates Hooray’s appreciation of the celebratory feeling of finding a new job and their commitment to finding the perfect match for their clients. Items were strategically layered to convey an element of surprise, beginning with ‘Drum Roll Please’ introducing a stack of postcards. The positive headlines are each underpinned by a useful piece of insight for potential employees: ‘Don’t be a stranger’, ‘Give us a buzz’ and ‘Stay tuned’ establish a friendly relationship between Hooray and its clients, while at the same time showing them as having a wealth of helpful expertise for both client companies and candidates.