A new chapter in our ongoing work with Jude’s ice cream opened recently, as we created a new positioning for the brand; designing a new logotype and developing and updating their packaging to better reflect the premium quality of their products as well as consolidating their position as the go-to ice cream of artisan chefs and treat-hungry families alike.

We’ve been working with the Hampshire based company, helping them develop the brand over the past five years and so when they approached us with the brief to take them forward we were in a perfect position.

The original brand identity had looked to position Jude’s as an authentic, family-run business delivering delicious hand-made ice cream of impeccable provenance. To do this, we had developed a visual language distilled from traditional Cornish pottery, summer fetes, licking spoons and hand labelling. The challenge going forward was to compete in the luxury ice cream sector up against traditional encumbents, new entrants and supermarkets’ own branded products. Being fiercely proud of the high quality of its ingredients and of its Hampshire roots, Jude’s also wanted to communicate a strong sense of Britishness.

We embarked on a process of appraising the visual assets, crafting those that we felt held equity for the brand and discarding those that did not help fulfil the new brief. In cleaning up the typography and developing new colour combinations contrasted with the use of black trim on the tub lids, ASHA created a framework within which to place the newly developed brand mark. Above the logotype, we positioned an ice cream ‘kite mark’ bearing the words ‘Great British ice cream’.

With the new packs appearing on shelves in early 2016 reaction has been extremely positive. Jude’s now feel they have a suite of brand assets that they can own within their sector with the new brand positioning, kite mark and descriptor conveying quality and craft while the familiar ‘hand painted’ stripes have become the visual foundation through which the brand can colourfully express its many scrumptious flavours. Several of which are often to be found in the ASHA freezer.

We’re so delighted with the new packaging. We feel it really reflects the quality of our product and positions Jude’s as Britain’s best ice cream brand – with appeal across the country. The stripes help Jude’s stand out on the shelf and the progression of the brand always helps to engage both new and existing customers.

Laura Pink, Marketing Manager