Ex KPMG partners Julian Thomas and Andrew Williams had set up their own operation and needed their new identity to express the company’s positioning as a collaborative consultancy sitting comfortably within the world of logic and problem solving. The brand had to reflect the core values by which the company was run which included a strong sense of collaboration, bringing things together to get the right result and an inclusive and memorable approach.


In realising the importance of ‘collaboration’, ‘bringing things together’ and ‘getting the right result’, ASHA created the generative idea ‘the right combination’. This was visually expressed through the use of graphic elements to articulate common pairs used in everyday language or well-known sayings. Instantly recognisable as two elements that work perfectly together, they portray a deeper meaning relating to a service or benefit that the consultancy offers, e.g. bow & arrow = strategic insight, belt & braces = sustainable approach, bread & butter = measurable results. Key applications reinforced this messaging with the line – ‘curating the right combinations’.

To further bring the collaborative approach to life a partnership device was created so that partners could be featured on the relevant collateral with the relationship explained.

The name Maisha+Co was chosen expressing the organisation’s unique spirit of partnership, intelligence and difference.