Founder Nigel Holland wanted a name and identity for his new company. The company, The Holland Network, specialises in strengthening performance in senior leadership teams through personal mentoring and the exploration of ‘Emotional Intelligence’. The identity needed to communicate something of the core activity, whilst also being unique and memorable. The target audience is senior management team members in large corporates – specifically HR Directors. ASHA developed the name and designed the logotype.



The mark was created by using an upper-case ‘N’ to create the cross bar of a sans serif ‘H’. In this way a unique monogram has been made while additionally the two interlocking speech bubbles created from the negative space convey the core concept of ‘one-to-one communication’.

The logo enables The Holland Network to communicate clearly and strongly to its target audience. The logotype design shows personal communication is at the heart of how the company operates, while the strength and simplicity of the mark enables them to stand out in a homogenised and crowded market place.


The speech bubbles behave as distinctive supporting icons on applications such as signage and in presentations. They are used to deliver quotes from business leaders that play into the idea of emotional intelligence.

Developing the identity has helped enable the company to expand its client base from initial start-up. The mark is used online and in printed communications.